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Case Studies



The Goal: The Home Depot was searching for ways to improve and personalize customer experience by offering shoppers the ability to interact with their products in unique ways. To achieve that, we developed an online, end-to-end experience using Pinterest, Shop the Look, and Augmented Reality. For Pinterest, we developed room scenes with 100 variations each, all integrated with Pinterest’s Shop the Look feature. Our augmented reality app puts real-world, to-scale 3D images in shoppers’ homes, helping them make informed decisions and accelerating the path to purchase.


To date, we deliver:


  • 32,000 room scenes using over 100,000 product images

  • Over 10,000 AR-ready assets



The Goal: Overstock is very product driven. Their goal is to bring vignettes and silos to all products so that each product detail page is as thorough as possible.


Every month, we deliver:


  • 1800x 3D Product Models

  • 400x 3D Product Model Variations

  • 30x Scene Templates

  • 2400x Silo Renders

  • 2400x Vignette Renders

  • 3600x AR-ready assets for their mobile app



The Goal: Mobly wants to inspire customers with their imagery, combining many products together at high scale. They also want to offer customers better product images and close-up vignettes of the products in each scene.


Every month, we deliver:


  • 1200x 3D Product Models

  • 100x Vignette Renders

  • 10x Scene Templates

  • 90x Scene Template Variations (using an existing template with a different combination of products)

  • 200x Product Spins

  • 800 AR-ready assets

  • 400 OBJs

  • 100x 360 Scene Panoramas

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