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Product Content

Product Content
Product Content
Product Content

3D Product Models

Start your CGI journey with 3D models, adaptable to a variety of uses and future-proof for AR and VR experiences. Models are developed from only a basic photo and dimensions, which means no more shipping products back and forth to photo studios.

Product Silos

Product Silos

Minimalistic silo shots communicate a high standard of quality, letting customers focus on the beauty of your products. Add dimensions for added detail to help customers through the journey to purchase.

360/180 Spins

360/180 Spins

Allow customers to experience your products from every angle with 12 or 24 renders around the product, delivered as images, GIFs, or video.

Inspirational Scenes

Inspirational Scenes

With completely customizable indoor and outdoor scenes, you can showcase multiple products while creating the right buying atmosphere for specific customers, targets, or promotions.


Augmented Reality

Export any 3D model with current and future AR capability, allowing customers to experience products within their personal space.

Flooring Simulator

Display products like flooring, wallpaper, and paint in realistic scenes with an interactive experience.

Shop the Look

Plug-and-play software solution that automatically tags and untags products (depending on availability) so customers can go from scene to purchase.


Machine Learning & Content Scoring

Machine Learning & Content Scoring

CORA helps you evaluate your online product content, comparing it to the ideal and the competition. We use machine learning to help you identify content gaps for faster turnaround, giving consumers the information they are looking for and speeding up the path to purchase.

Asset Dashboard

Asset Dashboard

With CORA’s custom asset dashboard, you can store, view, and share assets. Easily request and track changes and build a personalized library of products, scenes, and vignettes – all within this simple tool.

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